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Adri de Groot, Ph. D.

Breakthrough discovery of the amazing inner world hiding behind numbers, as they reveal two types of dual characteristics, palindromes, visible and invisible patterns, perfect plus/minus and odd/even balances, invisible and visible multiplication and division tables running into the same and opposite directions at the same time, and much more. 

Study the special roles of the numbers 1, 2 and 3, as well as 5, 6, 7, 10, 19, 24 and 81. Learn that prime numbers can be organized in a perfect 24-based system and aren’t randomly distributed. Nothing what you will learn here is taught in any school or university. Once we understand the very building blocks, the very ingredients of our math craft, which are simply the numbers themselves, we will have something to really get excited about. This book returns us to the basics of arithmetic, where a Shangri-La of unknown and exciting treasures are found. This is Number Theory 101, which hopefully will be common knowledge one day. 

A must read for any math enthusiast. Even more so a must read for anyone (still) struggling with math. And naturally, a must read for any inquisitive mind. You will not be disappointed, as this will book be a surprise even to you.

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When I heard your presentation, I had a totally new appreciation for math. When I was young, I really didn’t like annot duenrsoto math vey well.
- Italian Scientist.

Dear Dr. de Groot: With great interest my son Harald and I myself have read your book on
number theory, based on Plichta's ideas. What concerns prime number reciprocals, you are even going beyond Plichta, and this makes your book a very valuable contribution.
- Dr. Volkmar Weiss, Leipzig, Germany.


Because math teachers don't know how to teach it in a way that shows how fun and wonderful math really is. We need better math teachers.
- Kathleen P.R.

If people can see numbers they will like math, if they can't then math becomes a labor instead of an enlightenment.
- Adruma V.

Math tends to be abstract and impersonal. Many stumble over its abstruseness, failing to discover the beauty and harmony numbers can reveal.
- Charles R. K.

I think that it is from the way math is taught in the early years. It should be fun but I felt intimidated.
- Anthony M.

If you don't have a math mind, which I don't, its impossible to understand without beating yourself over the head with the concepts over and over.
- Betsy H.O.

Because I don’t' understand it, have never understood it, and don’t have knack to understand it either.
- Nora D.G.

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